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Neoface by Armesso re-energizes, restores, and renews the skin from within. Neoface® addresses the root of the skin aging problem.

An energizing anti-aging and collagen bio-stimulant booster, Neoface is presented in a box of 10 ampoules x 2ml. Indicated for skins with loss of firmness, hydration, and elasticity.

Active Ingredients:

This unique formula contains a biotechnological molecule, lysine, proline, and copper salt (collagen and elastin).


Neoface provides firmness, elasticity, and volume to the skin. It stimulates the natural production of type III collagen.


Neoface increases firmness by 13 times, increases elasticity by 6 times, reduces wrinkle depth by 15%, and reduces wrinkle volume by 13%.

The quality of the skin changes over the years as it gradually loses two important components that give it strength and elasticity: Collagen and Elastin. The consequence is that fibroblasts (cells responsible for renewing the skin) are deactivated, and regeneration does not occur.

Neoface® is created from an active complex obtained by biotechnology and created through a patented green chemistry process, which specifically takes care of the safe energy release to re-energize aging cells, restore fibroblasts, and renew the new production of collagen and elastin to strengthen and regenerate the skin from within.

Important: This product is for exclusive use by healthcare professionals. If you are a patient, please consult with your trusted professional.


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