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HIFU VMAX is a multi-function device, that offers a noninvasive approach for lifting and contouring therapies by combining multiple Lines + Pen Technology to treat face, neck and body, this combination provides flexibility on the treatment to reach every possible face and body area. There is no skin injury as the epidermis remains intact. It is possible to accomplish quick lifting, skin tightening and to attenuate wrinkles.


  • Quick & short treatment time: 30 minutes facial
  • SMAS contraction: collagen remodeling, elastin fiber
  • Zero downtime: skin may show redness within the first several hours, then it starts recovering.
  • Results are noticeable between the second to the ninth month following the therapy, final results will last 2-3 years.
  • Totally non-invasive.
  • Radar carving: Adjustable 1-9 points shot per second.New technology cartridges are suitable for small areas, like around eyes, mouth and forehead.


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MPW Meso Esthetic Supply represents and distributes facial care, aesthetic and mesotherapy products and brands that are internationally recognized for using top-notch materials and equipment that help you and your company achieve results you desire.

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