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Forever Young Booster

This Powerful BOOSTER is an Innovative acid cocktail that helps to enhance the action of all the other boosters. It also has a peeling effect that provides moisture to the skin.

Its synthetic and naturally derived acids blended to maximize its efficiency. It’s exfoliating and rejuvenating effects prepares the skin for other treatments.

Active Principles:
Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Mandelic Acid (AHAs).


  • Works as a natural exfoliator and promotes rejuvenation and hydration of your skin.
  • Helps to provide a brightness effect.
  • Booster recommended for all types of skin (except people allergic to glycolic acid), to dry, oily, photo-aged skin with marks, imperfections, and over-pigmentation.
  • It helps to regulate sebaceous secretion, eliminate dead cells and soften the pore revitalizing the skin at the same time.

*These ampoules are Unisex

Every box brings 7 ampoules that can be used in 3-2 sessions each. 

HOW TO USE: Clean the skin. Shake the ampoule before using. Brake the blister for the white sign. Apply the content on face, neck, neck line and the back of hands.  Wait 20-30 mins and remove it with water.

(Breath and enjoy the smell, the sensation and results) 😌

Reach out to us for professional use before other treatments and to empower other treatments. 

Effects from the 1st application. In 1 week wonderful results.

This product should be recommended for skincare professionals. Reach out to us or for any question.


Skin use only. Avoid contact with eyes
Do not apply on damaged or irritated skin 
Do not expose to the sun with the product. 



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