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Bioplasma Plasma Pen

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Plasma is the fourth state of matter. Plasma is formed by superheating a gas or by exerting a strong electromagnetic field on it. Many of the devices rely on the ionization of the air between the tip of the device and the skin to generate plasma, the difference in potential between these two points produces an arc that sublimates the skin; sublimation is the process of turning a solid into a gas without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Bioplasma creates plasma arc through the ionization of nitrogen contained in the atmospheric gas, which when directed to the skin surface approximately at 1mm of distance from the skin will discharge a spark that sublimates the skin promoting a contraction of the tissue treated. This procedure preserves the integrity of the tissues as it only sublimates the surface of the skin (epidermal layer). The sublimation of the skin is followed by the formation of a crust that acts as a biological dressing that protects the skin until it regenerates. The plasma stimulates the fibroblasts to create collagen and elastin responsible for the effect of tension and rejuvenation of the treated surface.


  • Noninvasive skin tightening treatment
  • Non-surgical blepharoplasty
  • Low risk compared to surgery
  • Minimal side effects
  • Quick and easy technique
  • Relative low downtime
  • Lower cost compared to surgery
  • Lasting results
  • Preserve the structure of the skin
  • Promotes the regeneration of the skin
  • Attenuates age spots, by targeting the melanin
  • Allow the penetration of products

 FDA Registration.2 Years Guarantee. Training. Support. 

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