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Armesso's Messopepton is a groundbreaking solution for Muscle Hypertrophy, Toning, and Repositioning Protocols, designed to enhance muscle mass and redefine body contours. This innovative formulation combines Leucine and Peptides of biotechnological origin, known as smart peptones, to specifically target and amplify the effects for optimal results.


-For Muscle Hypertrophy, Toning, and Repositioning Protocols
- Improves existing muscle tone
- Promotes cell differentiation in the skin
- Enhances cellular metabolism of the epidermis

Active Ingredients:
- Leucine
- Peptides of biotechnological origin (smart peptones)

- Increases muscle mass
- Modulates signaling pathways for muscle growth (Hypertrophy)
- Stimulates protein synthesis
- Inhibits muscle breakdown (Proteolysis)

- Professional use only

- Innovative formulation with high specificity
- Amplified effect with smart peptones

Aesthetic Use and Posology:
- Recommended for use with Microneedle and Electroporation techniques

Product Specifications:
- Presentation: Boxes of 5 vials, each containing 10ml
- Recommended for Professional use only


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