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A.M Hair Factor

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With its breakthrough ingredients, Growth Factors obtained through Biotechnology, it helps the generation of new cells in the epidermis that contribute to the formation of new hair follicles with abundant extracellular matrix, in order to create strong roots.

This product improves the appearance of thinning hair and enhances the look of hair fullness. Helps the scalp recuperate while supporting natural cellular renewal.
Protocol and Application:

– Capillary topical use
– Conduct 1 session every 8 days to get the expected results. (On average 8 to 12 sessions)
– Apply to clean, dry hair.
– This product is intended for professional use.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Box contains 5 vials with 10ml each. Each vial contains 0.338 US fl. oz.
Contains: IGF 1 (Oligopeptide-3), bFGF (Oligopeptide-3), VEGF (Rh-Polypepite-9), Copper Tri-peptide-1, Active Soil Complex, D-Pantenol and Caffeine.
Cosmetic product, 100% sterile, pharmaceutical quality. Weight 0.60 lbs


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