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Equicomplex by Armesso is a professional-use solution designed to promote skin well-being and enhance repair in esthetic protocols. Its synergistic properties make it beneficial for acne-prone skin by promoting tissue oxygenation and controlling acne bacteria.

- Promotes skin well-being
- Enhances repair in esthetic protocols
- Benefits acne-prone skin by promoting tissue oxygenation and controlling acne bacteria

Active Ingredients:
- Echinacea Extract obtained from 11 bio-energized extracts of 100% natural origin
- Trace elements (Biominerals): Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, Cobalt, Gold, Silicium

- Promotes skin well-being
- Enhances repair
- Controls acne bacteria

- Professional use only
1. Acne: Promotes oxygenation of the tissues and helps control acne bacteria.
2. Skin Oxygenation: Supports oxygenation of the skin tissues.
3. General Skin Health: Enhances the overall well-being of the skin.
4. Synergistic Esthetic Protocols: Acts as an enhancer and repairer in esthetic protocols.

Professional consultation and assessment are recommended for personalized skincare advice.

Product Specifications:
- Box contains 10 vials with 2ml each
- Each vial contains 0.068 US fl. oz.
- Weight: 0.60 lbs


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