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Biodespigmentante X350

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Biodespigmentante X350 is a facial solution designed to improve the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and age spots, providing a brightening effect for smooth and radiant skin.

- Improves hyper-pigmentation
- Enhances age spots
- Provides a brightening effect

Active Ingredients:
- Palmitoyl Tridecapeptide
- Palmitoyl Octapeptide
- Oligopeptide-34
- Oligopeptide-51
- Deccapeptide-15

- Brightens the skin
- Leaves the skin smooth and radiant

- Professional use only
- Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Aesthetic Use:
- Facial use

Product Specifications:
- Box contains 10 ampoules with 2ml/0.067 US Fl. oz. each
- Weight: 0.60 lbs


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