Why to personalize your rituals and treatments?

Why to personalize your rituals and treatments?

Do you know the new trend of beauty?

-Personalization of treatments.

But, Why?

Because not all people have the same needs or the same kind of skin. 
Some people during their lives have been taken care of themselve more than others, they play sports, apply cosmetics and perform aesthetic medical treatments, others don´t... the skin of adolescent has other needs than the skin during pregnancy or menopause. 
Skin care is not the same in summer as in winter or in a tropical weather as in a dry weather... 
A skin study must be done and the exposome should
be analized, all the exposures received by this person, if they have sunbathed a lot, if they smoke or used to smoke, the stress, if they exercise; in short, their specific lifestyle. 
According to Gemma Prudencio, Pharmacologist and creator of Gemma´s Dream Boosters line, as professionals, it is important to carry some routines in which the people also feel confortable and encouraged. 
As far as the skin is concerned, the use of concentrated Skin Booster products that show results, quickly encourages the continuity of the treatment. 
Advanced cosmeceuticals with a lifestyle, illuminates both, the skin and the human being. 
Do you want to know more about this?? Let us know!! We are happy to share our tools and rituals with you. Personalization is the future. Boost your skin, boost your treatments; from the first uses you will see results. 
Gemma´s Dream Boosters are made thinking in skin care personalization and solutions.
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