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RE-VITALITY Professional Ritual

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Introducing the RE-VITALITY Professional Ritual, a powerful combination that includes 1 Dropper of Restore Look Serum (30ml) and 1 Dropper of Revital Premium (30ml). This ritual is your gateway to a higher level of revitalization and rejuvenation, targeting the eye contour, expression lines, redness, skin densification, and firmness.

Here's what this ritual can do for you:

- Reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
- Alleviate puffiness and bags caused by fluid retention.
- Minimize redness, leaving your skin looking more even-toned.

The Restore Look Serum contains potent ingredients to address these concerns effectively. Revital Premium, enriched with Vitamin C, gold, glutathione, and encapsulated retinol, activates collagen and elastin for a more youthful appearance.

Here's how to use this rejuvenating ritual:

1. Start with a clean face and remove makeup.
2. Apply Restore Look Serum to the eye contour area.
3. Utilize equipment like radiofrequency for enhanced results.
4. Apply Revital Premium with a Kobido massage technique.
5. Optionally, you can use a mask after applying Revital Premium for added benefits.
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Experience the wonderful results of the RE-VITALITY Professional Ritual and rediscover the beauty and vitality of your skin.
Enjoy the transformation! 😊


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