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MPW Meso-Esthetic Supply

Ritual Re-Vitality

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What is inside?


What can we get?

This rital brings a high revitalization and rejuvenation of the aye contour, expression lines, redness, redensification of the skin and firmness. 

We soften dark circles under the eyes, bags due to fluid retention and redness thanks to the ingredients of restore look serum. 

Revital Premium is formulated with Vitamine C with gold, glutatione and  encapsulated retinol that activates collagen and elastin. 

How to use it:

  • Clean your skin/ Remove make up first
  • Apply Restore Look Serum in order to work over the contour.
  • Use equipment like radiofrecuency. 
  • Apply Revital Premium with kobido massage. 
  • (A mask is optional after Revital Premium).
  • Enjoy the wonderfull results :)


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