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Gemma's Dream

VITALITY Professional Ritual

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Introducing the VITALITY PROFESSIONAL RITUAL, a complete skincare package that includes 24 Instant Repair ampoules and 24 Instant Beauty ampoules. This powerful combination is designed to deliver spectacular revitalization to dull and aged skin.

By incorporating vitamins and marine collagen, this ritual provides deep hydration and repairs skin damage caused by factors like sun exposure and dryness. The effects are both instant and progressive, with immediate visible improvements to the epidermis and continued regeneration over time.

Here's how to make the most of this ritual:

1. Start by removing makeup and cleansing the clients face.
2. Apply Instant Repair to prepare your skin.
3. Utilize aesthetic equipment like Radiofrequency or Iontophoresis or LED Light (depending on the manufacturer) for enhanced results.
4. Follow up with Instant Beauty, applying it with a massage technique like Kobido.
5. You can optionally use a mask to further enhance the benefits.

Don't miss out on this promotion, available while stocks last.

Elevate your skincare routine with the VITALITY PROFESSIONAL RITUAL for revitalized, radiant skin.


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