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Gemma's Dream

Gemma´s Dream Professional Pack

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Explore Gemma's Dream Professional Sets for a truly revitalizing and rejuvenating skincare experience. These sets are carefully curated to address specific skincare needs and deliver outstanding results:

1. Vitality Set: This set combines the power of Instant Beauty in the morning to protect your skin from external factors like the sun and pollution, and Instant Repair at night to activate cell regeneration and keep your skin hydrated. It also includes a sachet of Restore Look Serum for the eye contour.

2. Pro-Firm Set: Say goodbye to sagging skin and uneven skin tone with the Pro-Firm Set. It includes Instant Firming ampoules and Glicolpeel Dtox ampoules. This ritual helps treat flaccidity and evens out the skin tone while smoothing spots and wrinkles.

3. Re-Vitality Set: Experience high revitalization and rejuvenation with the Re-Vitality Set. It includes Restore Look Serum and Revital Premium. This ritual softens dark circles, reduces bags due to fluid retention, and enhances skin redensification and firmness.

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Elevate your skincare routine with Gemma's Dream Professional Sets and enjoy the wonder of beautifully revitalized skin.


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